3D Laser Scanning

3D Surveys for state-of-the-art scanning

Our 3D Laser Scanning service enables us to quickly and accurately obtain a wealth of information about the actual state of a site, structure or object and its three-dimensional geometry, in order to carry out any type of architectural and design project in innovative ways.

We supply a 3D Laser Scanning Service for all types of structures: Residential buildings (Houses, Villas, Apartments, Rustic buildings, Farmhouses, etc.) / Historic and Culturalbuildings (Monuments, Theatres, Museums, Archeological sites, etc) / Buildings of worship (Churches, Cattedrals, Temples) / Commercial Architecture (Hotels, Offices, Shops, Restaurants andCoffee bars, Shopping Centres) / Boating and Transport (Yachts, Cruise Ships, Passenger and Merchant ships, Aeroplanes, Cars) / Industryand Energy(Assembley lines, Production Areas, Industrial Plants, Chemical and Mining Plants) / Design (Objects, Design Elements, Furniture and Furnishings, Works of Art, etc.)

A valuable support

The 3D laser survey gives valuable support to new projects, renovations or extensions, feasibility and environmental impact studies of a project, documentation of residential and industrial facilities. Scanning generates a pointcloud from which high-precision 2D CAD documentation (floor plans, layouts, elevations and cross-sections) and 3D models can be easily extracted to draw up technical documentation, interior design projects, construction management and remote monitoring of progress.


Real time efficiency

Maximum efficiency and speed of service

During on-site surveys, the Laser Scanner wirelessly transmits all scan data to the software for real-time processing and recording, providing speedy, accurate object configuration. Both the recording of measurements and the integration of surveys from multiple stations are automated, excluding human error.

All measurements are taken onceonly, avoiding return visits to the site. Once scanning has taken place, 3D reports produce a very large amount of information on the location and on each individual object (floor and wall details, furniture, mosaics, frescoes, architectural design items, etc.) as well as on power supply systems (electric cables, pipes, radiators, etc.), which will form a valuable database that can be consulted at any time without having to return to the survey site, which is also useful for future renovation work, additions or carrying out checks.

Expert, Versatile Service

Space saving - high portability.

Thanks to the space-saving features and high portability of our Laser Scanner, weare able to carry out measurements and data acquisition with ease in facilities of any complexity, anywhere in the world. State-of-the-art sensor technology ensures maximum accuracy and range. The Laser Scanner's 3D HDR camera captures highly detailed images, providing a natural colour overlay to the scan data even in extreme lighting conditions.